Young or Old, gaming is loved by all.

It is the most gender unbiased industry in the IT Sector. Millions of games are played by over billions of people daily. Behind these games lies the developers’ hard work and dedication that bring such immersive visualization to real life.

Queppelin is a team of world leaders in Game Development. When we consider mobile game development, nothing ever beats the richness and functionality provided by Unity. For understanding the development process we follow, the first thing that we need to understand is the Unity Game Engine.

What is Unity Game Engine?

Gaming engines are software that provides tools to game masters that help them increase efficiency and increase the build speed. Unity is a beautiful game engine, first designed and released as a macOS official gaming engine. It is a cross-platform engine that supports development across most operating systems and even web browsers.

Essentially, it is a framework that supports and brings together several core areas enabling direct import from several direct graphic designing software. Unity Game Engine provides developers with Unity Asset Store. It is a community driven store where users put in their designs on a paid basis, or sometimes even free. These assets can be fetched from the Unity Asset store and imported to the engine while development.

The development of games made in the unity engine helps the game developers to assemble the imported assets into scenes and environments. We can design the backgrounds, add lighting, audio, and different CGI effects interactively. Also, for the games made in the unity engine, we can implement the gameplay logic, edit, debug, and optimize the content as per the needed requirements.

How Queppelin comes to solve your issues?

Unity has a rich tool stack, and with the mastery of our game developers, we create high-resolution console and PC apps of the highest quality.

A unique and immersive resolution is achieved with Unity HDPR, further tailored with Visual Effect Graph at our labs.

Our unity development engine services include game and graphic development to bring your ideas to life. As a unity engine development service provider, we focus on ensuring that our client’s requirements are satisfied through regular feedback.

Unity game app development services at our labs follow a specific pattern, which can be summarized to be as human-centric design.

Our Unity Game Engine Skills

The Unity Engine team at Queppelin is a set of dedicated professionals who have been working on the technology for over half a decade. Our lab delivers innovative unity game engine technology solutions and their integration amidst various platforms through intensive research and execution. Our clients generally like to know the guidance and development technologies we collaboratively work on to define the purpose and platforms. Our team typically follows the state of the art industrial standards for developing gaming solutions, and our Unity game engine development services cover up :

  • Breathtaking VR and AR Based Games¬†¬†
  • Cross-Platform user immersive games¬†
  • Real-Life RPG and simulation-based games¬†¬†Unity Engine Use Cases.

As a matter of fact, the use cases that Unity engine covers are broad. Facebook uses unity in 60% of its virtual, mixed, and augmented reality applications. The use cases of unity, which we help you cover are

  • Building 3D elements and their integration and extension in your gaming application.¬†
  • Integrating realistic graphics in AR and VR applications
  • Simulating real-life environments for role-based games.
  • 2D games using unity with same physics based feature incorporation.
  • Multiplayer game support is very complex to handle considering all corner cases, but Queppelin and unity, makes it possible to bring multiplayer games to life.¬†
  • Unity supports JS and C# scripting, hence automating many tasks in the development pipeline, which makes the process swift and quick.¬†
  • The best in class features that most of our clients ask for is multi-store distribution. With the Unity Distribution Portal, the developed game is spread and synced across multiple app stores.¬†

Developing games using Unity engine is quick and easy, but the licensing and the revenue model makes it tricky. The brief term of licensing for Unity is given here, but Queppelin helps you launch with the correct licenses hence simplifying the entire process for you. We fit you in the correct licensing category i.e. The Plus, Pro, or Enterprise. Unity offers the following licensing terms : 

Personal License : The license is free to use. Eligibility criterion is if revenue or funding is less than $100K in the last 12 months. Using this license provides restricted access to the unity tools. 

Unity Plus License : Eligible if revenue or funding is less than $200K in the last 12 months. A subscription fee of $40 per month per seat is required for the license. It provides extended functionalities like integrations with collaboration tools, core analytics etc. 

Unity Pro License : With $150 per month per seat as the subscription fee, the license needs to be bought in case the revenue or funding is greater than $200Kw in the last 12 months. It further allows technical support and customer support for enterprise users. 

Unity Enterprise License : It is the ultimate license package with customisable full support from Unity. For enterprises focusing mainly on Unity development a minimum 20 seats are to be registered. IIt should be subscribed to, if revenue or funding is greater than $200K in the last 12 months. The subscription charges are $200 per month per seat. 


The Unity Game Development Service Flow

The teams at our Unity Game Engine Technology Lab follow the following protocol while developing solutions for you. It all starts with

Do you have an idea? We have the tools to make it a reality.

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