About Us

Queppelin is an Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality applications development company. We offer innovative solutions to our clients across industries including manufacturing, pharmaceutical, Retail, Real Estate, training, and education.

Virtual Reality based training solutions

for the manufacturing industry. Our VR solution substantially reduces the fatalities on the shop floor and also the training costs for our manufacturing clients like JCB.

Augmented Reality Furniture Retail Platform

to convert your ecommerce app into an experiential buying platform.

Consumer Augmented Reality solutions

for merchants to create AR marketing experiences on the fly.

Mixed Reality applications

for Pharmaceutical companies.

We derive our name from two of our favourite rock bands Queen + Led Zeppelin. It is known that creativity is combining two different domains and this is what we do by combining design, technology and marketing strategies.

The company is Co-Founded by Dr. Pulkit Mathur (CEO) & Prafulla Mathur who are serial entrepreneurs. As a groups we have started three companies in Spatial Computing (AR / VR) and travel tech in India & Indonesia. 

We also have our presence in  USA and UK.

Our founders have raised more than $4 Million from marquee VCs Mangrove Capital Partners (Netherlands) and Simile Ventures (Luxembourg).

Our tech platforms have been showcased at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona and have impacted millions of users worldwide. We’ve developed VR platforms to help thousands of manufacturing staff to train better, AR platforms for museums and merchants and mobile streaming platforms which stream billions of bytes of data every day. 

Our Journey


Started our baby steps


Showcased at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona by Oracle. (See their PR video)


Adjudged the Red Herring Asia winners in Hong Kong along with snapdeal.


Times internet became a client for whom we launched Gaana, BoxTV, TOI and Navbharat Times apps


Reliance became a client for whom we worked on their Bigflix app


Launched massively successful social game “Save the Tiger” for Aircel-NDTV campaign


Facebook became our client


Launched our own product called Wudstay and raised $3million from Mangrove Capital Partners (Netherlands) and Simile Ventures (Luxembourg)


Incubated our own product in Indonesia and invested/raised $1 million along with Mangrove Capital Partners (Netherlands) and Simile Ventures (Luxembourg)


Launched Augmented Reality platform for a Museums in Australia


Handling a massive Virtual and Augmented Reality Portfolio


Launched one of the largest on-the-fly Augmented Reality apps development platforms in Australia.


Launched Investment Fund for AR and VR startups in Manufacturing, Healthcare, Defense, Real Estate and Consumer sectors.
(Read more in Economic Times)


Queppelin celebrates the successful completion of NFT-based project for Momento.  Featured on Burj Khalifa for NFT 

meet our amazing team

The Faces Behind our Success

Dr. Pulkit Mathur


Pulkit’s expertise lies is in advanced aspects of Spatial Computing, Augmented & Virtual Reality and Mobility solutions. He is considered a thought leader in the field and a go to person for industry leaders when they access deep tech implementations for their businesses.

Pulkit has a diverse experience in technology where he led Queppelin to build some of the largest and most successful products that have raised or got acquired for millions of dollars. Today his platforms see an active user base of 100 million+ every month.

Pulkit brings in ethos of project management, product development, agile methodologies and the overall end customer experience.

Prafulla Mathur


Prafulla started his entrepreneurial journey in 2010 when he co-founded Queppelin. The startup quickly got global exposure when their multimedia compression & streaming platform got showcased by Oracle in Mobile World Congress Barcelona. Queppelin focusses on Spatial Computing, Virtual & Augmented Reality now.

Prafulla also cofounded student housing startup called WudStay and invested in an Indonesia based travel startup.  

He has raised a total of $4 Million investment from marquee investors like Mangrove Capital Partners (Netherland) and Simile Ventures (Luxembourg).

He has also been an investor in an Indonesia based online travel platform and helped thousands of travelers get a great experience in cities like Bali and Jakarta without getting duped by hotels.