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Looking for a Virtual Reality Company to build an immersive digital experience?

Queppelin, a Metaverse company, over the years, has been helping enterprise clients across industries to achieve brand differentiation, improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experience and realize business growth with its virtual reality app development services.

As one of the leading VR development company, our deep industry domain knowledge, and understanding of customer challenges enables our clients to explore the full potential of our VR app development services.

Talk to our expert today to discuss a use case you have in mind or simply find out how your organization could take advantage of our Virtual Application Development Services.

171 Million+

Virtual Reality users worldwide.

$23 Billion

Global VR Video Gaming revenue generated in 2020.


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Accelerate business outcomes with virtual reality

Bridging the gap between the real and virtual world. Let your users see & experience a new world. Embrace the power of VR and improve the performance of your business with our VR services.

VR (Virtual Reality) is the use of computer technology for creating a simulated environment. In simple words. It is a technology that allows an individual to immerse himself in a digital world.

Imagine you are getting into a world of your imagination! A world where you always dreamt to be present! The virtual reality development services by Queppelin will allow you to live a world of your imagination.

virtual reality experiences

We make immersive content that moves audiences

Interactive Virtual Reality allows the user to interact with the experience, turning them from a viewer into an active participant. You are transported to a fully immersive environment that you can (usually) freely explore, with six degrees of freedom. This means you can walk around bend down, look around, pick up, play learn, anything, it’s another world.

Virtual Reality App Development

If you have ever come across virtual reality-based tech, it is the trendiest technology out there on the rise. It allows meetings, from anywhere you are, in an entirely professional manner as if sitting in a conference room.

At Queppelin, we have an edge in VR App Development, be it for providing intricate training experiences in a chaotic environment as if the physical environment doesn’t exist. Not just limited to Apps, we help our clients with various services be it VR Gaming, Virtual Showrooms, Realtime Virtual Training, or Virtual Tours, and a lot more.

Breaking the barrier of having resource-rich feature space through Applications and VR glasses is the next revolution.

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Queppelin is a renowned AR/VR development company & Top IT Solutions provider with roots in UK, USA & India. We use these locations to offer our customized services to businesses globally.

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How Queppelin will support you in the VR implementation process?

The above is only a small view of the benefits that VR services offer … contact us for gaining more insights about the same.

An obvious question…that how will we help you in the journey of VR implementations?

We at Queppelin have developers who have expertise in AR and VR framework development. To develop the best VR environment, experts use platforms such as Arkit, ARCore, Vuforia, etc. Our developers are experts in building AR and VR environments and frameworks. 

They leverage platforms including Unity, ARCore, ARKit, Vuforia, Wikitude to design, develop and deploy unique and engaging AR and VR applications that drive digital growth. Our VR experts will understand your needs and challenges and work hard to provide you the best solutions for the same. 

Not to forget the after-sale services of Queppelin that will help you at each step after the VR implementation.

Players across the industries are utilizing the potential of this immersive technology.

If you also want to attract and engage your customers like never before then VR development services are the solution for you. Our experts will support you at each stage of AR and VR implementation in your business.

Tools & Technologies we use to build VR Experiences

We use only proven tools that help us develop smart VR apps and high-quality 3D models. Among the technologies we use for our VR projects are

Unreal Engine

Unity 3D






3DS Max/Maya

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Virtual reality gives people the feeling to be at another place when, in fact, they are not physically present at that place.

In AR, the digital elements are added to layer the user’s real-world or enhance it with the virtual effect. 

Mixed reality creates an environment where the user can interact with the virtual objects. So instead of residing in a completely virtual world, mixed reality helps the user stay in the real world and gives the advantages of the virtual world.

Now to answer your question of how these reality techs are different from each other.

VR replaces the original building into virtually simulated graphics whereas Augmented Reality, takes the same instance of building architecture simulating the actual building, to be built in the real.

Finally, in Mixed Reality, the technology helps to hook the virtual objects and make them responsive to/in the real world and provide the appearance of virtual interactions to be authentic to the user.

Virtual reality is the computer-generated simulation of a world that is similar to or different from the real world. It creates an artificial environment with the help of software, and this environment can be interacted with using sight and sound.

The industries making use of this technology are growing in the market. Some of such industries are: 

  • Automotive Industry: In this rapidly developing sector, in terms of creativity and unique ideas, VR is used to design and build new models without having to use real machinery. 
  • Healthcare: VR has a significant impact in this field. Instead of using and experimenting on real bodies, models can be used with the help of VR, for research and treatments by healthcare professionals. 
  • Tourism Industry: What can be better than sitting at home and experiencing a tour, even before you make a final decision to go for the trip! This is made possible by the use of virtual reality. 
  • Architecture: Architecture industry has become closer to consumers by using VR, as they can allow house owners to experiment with their house dĂ©cor by themselves. With the use of VR applications, you can not only visualize the well set up, well-furnished corners of empty rooms but can also feel it. 
  • Entertainment and recreation: VR is also laying its roots in the entertainment and recreation industries. Along with gaming, many other activities such as art, craft, thrilling sports, poetry, etc. provide a stage using VR.

Virtual reality has numerous benefits of its own, and one of them is to train the workforce for achieving the organizational goals effectively and efficiently. 

There are various benefits for VR training of employees:

  • Greater retention – According to the analysts VR helps retain concepts better than traditional ways of training and learning. Virtual reality can help us set up scenarios that are impossible to set up in real life.
  • Innovative training programs – Virtual reality makes an impact on the employees that every job has its importance and makes them feel motivated, engaged, and enthusiastic about learning a different aspect of their duties.
  • Improve engagement – The use of virtual reality for employees’ training increases the engagement of the employees towards work. VR Tech also boosts the company’s growth as well because the real growth of the company is measured by the satisfaction and security of its employees.
  • Insight for new hires – The employees are put in real-life set-ups based on their job duties, which helps them understand the expectations of their career and provide a detailed insight into the duties they are assigned.

Spatial computing means to use our space as a medium to help us interact with technology. Spatial computing is an umbrella concept. It includes VR, AR, and MR and describes them as per the type of interaction that humans have with them and not the kind of object that is being used for such interaction.

Essential features of spatial computing 

  • Increase in profits
  • Provides immediate solutions in real-time
  • Minimize equipment requirement
  • Increase the speed of work
  • Make work interesting

There are a few aspects that one needs to keep in mind before buying or creating applications using such technology.

  • Decide your use-cases –Before deciding which AR or VR application does your company need you should decide your use-case, i.e, what industry will your application cater to.
  • Decide the kind of equipment – Another very essential aspect to keep in mind is the kind of hardware which a company will be using.
  • Virtual reality equipment – The users can have the virtual reality experience via VR headsets. Various companies provide VR apps for VR headsets.
  • Augmented reality equipment – The users can experience AR using devices like Smartphones, tablets, AR glasses, Smart lenses, and more.
  • The company’s goals –If the company’s objective is to guide the employees of their organization efficiently, they must select virtual reality technology. As employees, training can be more productive with VR. But in other cases, if the company’s objective is to reach a large number of customers, it should opt for augmented reality tech for its features.

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