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All about digital voice assistants

When we are all stuck in the hustle and bustle of life, hands-free and voice-based assistance would be nothing less than a miracle. Now with the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning nothing seems impossible and unreachable. With the ever-changing and evolving technology, new gadgets have taken the center stage of the technology world and digital voice assistant is one of the spotlights.

The number of digital voice assistants is predicted to reach a staggering number of 8.4 billion units which is a number even higher than the world population. With the use of 110 million virtual assistants users in the US alone, it is no surprise that digital assistants have proven themselves to be the most useful gadget.

What makes the digital assistant so popular and preferred? Well, the answer lies in the details that beautify the experience. 

What is exactly digital voice assistant?

To put it quite plainly, digital voice assistants are software, algorithms, and models that understand the given command in voice and perform the necessary task given. It could be your simple setting up alarms to make the working process seamless with real-time updates and assistance.

The aim of such digital voice assistants is to simulate natural conversations and answer the questions without the user surfing through the piles of references. It acts as a bridge between the user queries and the vast pool of information the internet offers. It helps the user receive the relevant information at the right time.

Difference between Digital Voice Assistant & Chatbot

Understanding the difference between chatbots and digital assistants is quite a task. Some of the pointers that make the understanding simpler are as below:

ChatbotsDigital voice assistants
Chatbots are simpler programs and algorithms, handling simpler tasks that do not require many sources and information access. When you are asking for an assistant to set up an alarm, you are actually interacting with a chatbot who will converse in a natural conversation and perform the given tasks. They are used for relatively simpler tasks and conversations.Digital voice assistants are the complex version of chatbots where they handle multiple sources and tasks at a time. For a task like, “ Schedule a flight to Phoenix for me next Sunday using my usual seating preferences, and arrange transportation to and from the airport.” the assistant would have to access multiple sources and have known the history of preferences of the user.
All digital assistants are chatbots.All chatbots are not digital assistants.
Chatbots vs DVAs

To put it simply, all chatbots are not digital assistants but all digital assistants are chatbots. With the more complex and varied algorithms in play, digital assistants can handle various types of tasks with ease and efficiency. They can switch between customer care chatbots answering the scripted questions to live chat with the agents portal whenever required.

It can act as a comprehensive solution to all the inter-departmental communications and positively affect the delivery rate of the projects. 

Putting Smart in everything!

Taking over the simple tasks such as setting alarms or calling someone has been made a piece of cake by the digital voice assistants. Providing a personalized experience that is tailored according to the user’s day-to-day life has made the voice assistants more preferable.

Keeping things smart and simple, has a multitude of benefits and applications:

Overlooking the benefits of the assistant, one would be amazed and inquisitive about the working of such gizmos. They work with algorithms that are designed to perform better with every use. Finely tuned to match your preferences and learn to get better with every use.

How do digital assistants do it all?

Built with efficacy and precision, digital voice assistants work with multiple algorithms running simultaneously to provide you with the best and personalized experience possible.

Here putting out all the parts to you:

By understanding the nuts and bolts, we truly come to appreciate the behind-the-screen chaos and algorithms in action.

But how can you incorporate digital voice assistants into your life and make it a little more bearable?

Here are some of the tasks that can be taken over by your assistant:

Are you ready to start your journey the right way and experience a personalized conversation with digital voice assistants?

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