Augmented Reality development services

Get the best Augmented Reality development services from one of the top AR companies of India, Queppelin.
Augmented Reality a blend of digital information with the environment of users in real-time.

In simple words, AR is about using the existing real environment overlaid with new information above it. The game Pokémon Go can be best used for exemplifying Augmented Reality. AR is one of the promising technologies that offer meaningful content along with a realistic and convincing interaction.

The boundaries of AR are not limited to games but it extends to industries such as retail, tourism, fashion, marketing, and entertainment. AR a revolutionary technology by the year 2023 is estimated to be worth $61.4 Billion USD! The success and growing presence of AR technology has a long history with a number of hits and misses.

The conjunction of digital, cyber and virtual worlds with that of a physical world is one of the biggest revolutions in the area of the digital world. The services offered by Queppelin will enable the users to connect and utilize the digital information from a varied range of physical devices.